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Read the books most recommended by indie hackers 📚

Being an indie entrepreneur can be hard, with lots of decisions to make on all sorts of topics. Fortunately, there is a book that covers almost everything.

On each episode of my podcast, Indie Bites, I ask my guest to recommend a book they think indie hackers would find useful, interesting or just enjoy. I have curated them all here.

Full List (A-Z)


Full List (A-Z)

Indie Must Reads ⭐





Something Different

Book TitleAuthorBuyRecomended by (link to Indie Bites)
Alex Hormozi
Steven Covey
Scott Lilienfield
Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Derek Sivers
James Clear
Nathan Barry
Kathy Sierra
W. Chan Kim
John Warrillow
Isabel Wilkerson
George Crile
Robert Martin
Paul Jarvis
Brett Williams, James McKinven
Cal Newport
Michele Hansen
Michael Bungay Stanier
Kate Raworth
Michael Gerber
Adam J. Sulkowski
Jocko Willink
Peter Kazanjy
Oliver Burkeman
Andrew Gazdecki
Nick Bilton
Derek Sivers
Yevgeniy Brikman
Nir Eyal
Felix Dennis
Sam Parr, My Dad
Dale Carnegie
Robert Cialdini
Isaac Asimov
Peter Buffett
Adii Pienaar
William Golding
Kamal Ravikant
Dan Davies
Viktor Frankl
Carol Dweck
April Dunford
Jessica Abel
Eckhart Tolle
Dan Ariely
Mike Michalowicz
Kim Scott
David Epstein
Frederic Laloux
DHH, Jason Fried
Yuval Noah Harari
Phil Knight
Jake Knapp
Rob Walling
Austin Kleon
Jack McDade, James McKinven
Gary Vaynerchuk
Rick Rubin
Donald Norman
Arvid Kahl
James McKinven
Sherry Walling
Zac Bissonnette
Matt Mochary
Ben Horowitz
Kyleigh Smith
Jim McKelvey
Pat Dorsey
Julie Zhou
Rob Fitzpatrick
Michael Lewis
Ryan Holiday
Morgan Housel
Daniel Kahneman
Gabriel Weinberg, Justin Mares
Michael Singer
Ben Horowitz
Dan Sullivan
Matthew Walker
Emily Bronte
Peter Thiel
Arvid Kahl

If you think I’m missing a book, think one should be added to the “must read” list or have some suggestions on how I can improve the categorisation, let me know here.

All links are Amazon affiliate links, so if you buy them through the site I earn a small percentage.

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